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Sunlit Dream for soprano saxophone & piano (2021)


Composed by Annie Booth (AnnieBelle Music, ASCAP)

Commissioned by Kristen Zelenak


I. Falling

II. Rooting

III. Rising

IV. Blooming


Duration: 9:25 

Level: Advanced


Inspired by the poet Rupi Kaur’s 2017 poetry collection, the sun and her flowers, Annie Booth’s Sunlit Dream explores four themes Kaur describes as the “recipe of life:” falling, rooting, rising, and blooming


think of those flowers you plant

in the garden each year

they will teach you

that people too

must wilt




in order to bloom


- rupi kaur


While this piece is through-composed for soprano saxophone and piano, it incorporates elemental aspects of improvisation for the saxophonist, which manifest in different manners and scopes in each movement. It is an exploration of modal harmony and an introduction to modal jazz improvisation. Included with score and parts are helpful resources for the saxophonist to consult in preparation of the piece. 

Sunlit Dream

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